10 Proven Ways to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment

10 Proven Ways to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment

So you want to know how to earn money online in India ?  Because you have heard stories that some people earn lakhs and lakhs of money online every month, just like the one shown below.


Do you know that “earn money online in India” is a keyword that is searched in Google roughly close to 5 Million times every month in India ?  Meaning, every month, there are 5 million new people in India, who wants to know “how to earn money from online.”  There are 12 months every year.  So every year, there are 60 million people in India who wants to know how to earn money online through blogging etc.


Google Search Result - Earn Money Online In India


You know what ?  

There are only very few ways to earn money online in honest ways.  

And that too, you’ll have to put in a lot of manual effort to earn “some” money and not a whole lot of money.  People who do freelancing, consulting or teaching online, do exactly that. They all use their online website to complement their offline business.  They use it as a means to drive and bring in new customers to their offline business.  But again, they do not make a “truckload of money” online, by just sitting alone in front of a laptop for several hours ( like many students who spend 3 to 5 hours in front of a computer to solve captchas and earn just $3 or Rs.200).  The freelancers, consultants and online tutors need to collaborate and work with teams or their customers to make this money.

Again, I repeat, online is just a way to find more customers or sales to your existing offline business and not an independent source of revenue by itself.

However, If you are willing to deceive and fool around others like the founder of “cashoverflow dot in” Pardeep Goyal or the founder of “BloggingTipsTricks” Ankit Singla does, then you can earn a lot of money online.

Read further to know why and how, they does this for a living.

Just search “make money online” or “earn money online” or “how to earn money online in India” in Google.  See the results for yourselves. Don’t blindly believe what I say.  Just go to Google now and search for this keyword.  Pages after pages you’ll get many results.  

Have you ever wondered, why there are so many people out there trying to teach others “how to earn money online” ?


How to Earn Money Online In India - Google Search Result


Have you ever asked this question to your online blogging guru?

Why are these online blogging and money making gurus spending a ton of their time in teaching you how to blog and make money online ?  Instead of spending their valuable time in their own business – that is, writing more blog articles on product reviews in their own website, making their own website rank better in Google Search Result in more product categories, so that they could make more money through organic Google Search Result Ranking of their own website ?

Are these online money making guru’s who are trying to teach you “how to earn money online” for free, are truly selfless and altruist ?  They sacrifice the time they spend on their own money making blogging business and use that time to volunteer to help you make money online? Absolutely not.

They openly share a lot of valuable information on how to blog online and make money in their blog website, for free.   But still, you and I know that, nobody does anything for free.  To understand why these online blogging guru’s share so much valuable information openly for free, why they show a genuine interest in your success, and why they make you believe that you can also become a successful blogger like them one day in the future, read further.

The answer is simple.  They teach you how to earn money online because

  1. They have understood the “real” secret of making tons of money online (which they will not share it with you)
  2. You as an ignorant poor follower, fall for their trap.  There are 5 million new people every month in India who fall for their trap and the gurus get richer and richer every month.

Have you heard the term Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid Scheme?  This is exactly that. Those who are smart(understand the game well) and join early, win. Those who are dumb followers(who don’t understand or question the logic behind the math) who blindly trust these gurus and join the party late, will suffer and even lose their hard earned money.

Many people who teach you how to earn money online create an impression to you that they are honest.  They talk openly.  They share their success secrets and valuable information with you very openly.  They always try to convince you that you could also win in your online career.  They create an impression that they are gentlemen ( all these people have a nice picture of them taken in a studio setting, dressed in blazers).  They try to show that they have a genuine interest in your success. 

The so-called “executives” or “managers” in the MLM Pyramid Scheme also exhibited all these characteristics, exactly in the same manner.

Blogger Tip and Tricks Ankit Singla - How to earn money online in India - Make money online in india


Cash Over flow Pardeep Goyal - Make Money Online In India

They do all these cunning acts because they want you to trust them, they want you to believe what they say, and they make you buy what they want you to buy, so that they could become richer and richer day by day.

If you don’t trust me, trust your math skills.  Just consider this example.

There is a Google Keyword named “Best Credit Card in India” which gets searched for almost a million times in a month, in different variations.  The bottom line, there are one million people every month in India who want to know the best credit card in India to apply for.

Google shows results in pages after pages.  But what the one million end users actually click is just one of the top 5 results in the first page of the Google Search Result.  Nobody goes to the second page of a Google Search Result. Have you ever gone to the second or third page in the Google Search Result to look for answers?  I definitely don’t go.  Instead, I would modify the keyword I used for searching, to get better results in the first page itself next time.

So, this means, only those websites that show up in the top 5 results in the Google Search Result, will make any money from Credit Card companies (in the form of affiliate marketing fees).  What about the remaining millions of online bloggers and their websites, who also want to make the same money online by reviewing the same credit cards? The answer is they have to become losers.  They have been mislead by these “online money making” gurus who teach others how to make money online.

If you are practical person and if you can do some simple math.  By now you’ll know that, It is simply impossible for millions of “average” online bloggers to make “any money” online (forget about boatload of money for a moment) using organic google search engine ranking alone.  You need to be extremely smart and extremely hard working person ( you should be doing this as a full-time job) to get top ranking in the Google Search Result and stay there for years.

The same applies to any category and not just credit cards.  Take Amazon Products and Amazon Affiliate Marketing for example.  Only those top 5 websites in the Google Search Result will make any money.  Others will not make any money.  The same applies to any Amazon Product Categories like beauty or fitness or Home Appliances or Life Style product etc.

Then why are these so called “Online Content Marketing or Digital Marketing Gurus” trying to teach these 5 Million people every month on “How to earn money online in India?”

The answer is simple.  It is almost the same reason why the Multi-Level Marketing Pyramid scheme worked so successfully for many years before it got busted.

MLM-Pyramid Scheme - Earn Money Online In India


The so called online gurus make a huge “boatload of money” as long as “you” believe that there is a genuine and honest way to make money online and you knock their doors, asking them to teach you how to make money online.  And that’s where exactly, you fall for the trap and they win.  

Yes guys.  Almost all people who make a ton of money online simply do this.  They trap people into their scheme, make them spend money in the name of so called “investments into your own business” like this email from Pardeep Goyal in his “7 day free blogging course”


<snippet from his email in the 7 day free blogging course>

[COF] Day 3: Nitty Gritty of Starting a blog and installing free tools

#3. But, yeah I agree but.., what is the benefit of buying my own domain

Imagine what would have happened if I had started cashoverflow on a free Blogspot platform.

CashOverflow would not become as big as it is today.

How many Blogspot articles do you see on the first page when you search for anything? Rarely, right?

You should understand that Google doesn’t give ranking to blogs hosted on free platforms.

Because Google checks various things when giving ranking to websites and blogs.

  • Free platforms provide poor server speeds because they host tons of blogs who don’t pay them anything to cover the server costs.
  • Free platforms do not give options to install WordPress plugins.

You can’t build a brand name using a free platform.

Would you trust cashoverflow.blogspot.com or  www.cashoverflow.in?

If you are too afraid to invest even a small amount for setting up your online presence – then you don’t have a mindset of an entrepreneur yet!

All the successful businessmen invest their time and money in their business so that they can make profits in the future.

I will talk about building a business mindset after completing this 7 days free blogging course series.


<snippet from his email>


I have heard these exact same dialogue at many MLM meetings (that I attended without knowing it is an MLM Campaign).

The funny thing is, even the online gurus who call themselves proudly as “Kanju Bhaniya”, ask their followers to feel free to open up their wallet without any hesitations and invest money into the so called online business( a blogging website).  Because it an “investment“, and you as a “follower” shouldn’t have any hesitation.

When somebody says these words, you should be very careful and extra cautious because he’s trying to trick you ( brain wash you), take away your money and leave you in the streets.  I’m sure many in India have come across this scenario or have heard your parents or grand parents talk about it.

Do you know why these guru’s say so?  Because that’s where these online guru’s make tons of money. 

And it is your hard earned money.  They nicely take it away from your pocket and put in their pocket, without you ever realizing what is happening in the grand scheme of things.

Take this simple case.  If you buy a website hosting space (GrowBig Plan) for 3 years from SiteGround.com, the online guru who directs you to this website will get up to $200 in affiliate marketing money.  It is roughly Rs.14,000. 

[ Note:  Actually the affiliate marketing fee is $120 for the GrowBigPlan, if they refer 10 people or so per month.  But if they refer more people to the website, they can negotiate the affiliate marketing fee (upto $200 in some cases) with the sales manager of SiteGround.  SiteGround will be willing to do anything for these kind of marketing people.]


SiteGrouind Web Hosting Grow Big Plan - Earn Money Online in India


If he recommends just 10 person every month, he’ll get Rs.1.4 Lakhs every month. If he recommends 1000 people, imagine the money he’ll make every month.

Please note that, the online guru will get this $200 from SiteGround, if “you” pay the 3 year fee in advance in single payment.  So the online guru will try all his tricks to get you hooked up to this big scheme like the email below from CashOverFlow Founder Pardeep Goyal in the “Free 7 day blogging course.”

7 Day Free Blogging Course Email Pardeep Goyal - Make money online in india


He’s literally saying “I lost 15 Lakhs in my previous business, so why don’t you lose your Rs.5000 and I take that money as my profit now?”  What a logic yaar?  It’s so funny.  Despite these cunning emails, I see many ignorant greedy people (who want to earn quick lazy money) falling for his trap, every month.

And moreover, there is no 60% discount, if I used his affiliate link.  I see the same prices for all plans as shown earlier above.  The 60% discount is already included in the actual price in SiteGround.  The price is the same if you go directly or using the 60% discount link that he claims so.  He’s just trying to deceive his ardent blog followers that only his link added that extra 60% discount to the price shown on the website.

Now you understand why these online gurus openly show you how much money they make online every month?  And they also create this impression that you can also make the same money if you follow their advice.  Just to tempt you, just to trick you and just to trap you into this grand scheme of online blogging world. To blog online you need to get a website, domain name and host it somewhere.  These online gurus will give the “affiliate marketing” links to all of these website products and make tons of money in this way. You, as a poor guy, will keep write articles after articles and nobody comes to read it in your website.  After few months you’ll give up.  But your guru has already pocketed his money.  He doesn’t care if you keep blogging or not.  He doesn’t care if you made any money or not.

Some will try to sell you WordPress themes like thrive themes which costs tons of money.  They’ll say, they use the thrive theme for their own website and that’s why Google ranks their page in the top.  They want “you” to believe and buy the same theme for $100 using their affiliate marketing link. They get 50% of that money as affiliate marketing fees.

Some will ask you to get online membership at SEMrush, Ahrefs and Moh using which you can do keyword planning, measure Website Page Rank or Domain Authority for your webpage and that of your competitor’s webpage.  Your guru will make tons of money, if you subscribe to these online software tools. 

Blogging Tools at BloggerTipsTricks - Make Money Online India

Blogging Tools Affiliate Marketing - Make Money Online in India


This is the reason, most online gurus have quit their full-time jobs and started running online blogging as a full-time business.  This is how they make lakhs and lakhs of rupees in online money.  You cannot make a similar income from any other affiliate marketing channels like the Credit Card Affiliate Marketing or Amazon Affiliate Marketing.  Even the gurus themselves don’t make that much money purely from Google Search Ranking on product reviews.  They make tons of money by tricking you into this grand scheme of online blogging world.  They make you buy a suite of online software products built around blogging and Google Search Ranking.  This is a grand scheme brewing around the world. 

This mysterious online ecosystem or the online economy will survive to make money from you, as long as you strongly believe that there is a secret way or secret tool you could use over others, to get the top 5 ranking in the Google Search Result. 

This ecosystem and economy will fall apart and vanish away, if you stop searching in Google for “How to earn money online in India”

Bottom line, as long as you believe that there is some shortcut to make money online and you want to learn that trick, these so called “magicians” or “gurus” will continue to make boatload of money online.  You’ll not make as much money as these gurus, unless you also start to play the same game of teaching others how to make money online through your blog and sell them these software tools to those poor folks.

Ask yourself the question I asked you in the beginning, “How many blogs can show up in the first page of Google Search Result”  and “How easy it is to get to the top 5 results?” I know from my personal blogging experience that it is extremely tough and literally there is a dog fight for it.

Google Search Engine is very smart.  Every year they keep releasing new updates.  Those websites that once ranked top in the Google Search Results are now not there in the top 5 spots any more. Many people who followed the black hat backlink building strategies failed miserably.  Only those who followed the white hat link building strategies survived.  But white-hat link building strategy is very tricky and painful exercise, if you are not an expert in this field.  Google Search Engine can turn your website ranking upside down in just a matter of seconds, by a single software update.  Do you want to bet your life, career and all your earnings on online blogging.

In my opinion, it is wise to continue with your current job, or try getting a better job for yourself if you don’t have one already.  Try to learn some new skills every year and enhance your earning potential in your field.  Look for ways to grow in your current career path.

Try blogging for hobby and passion and not as a replacement for your current paying job ( Just like, how you wouldn’t consider quitting your job and consider taking stock trading as your full-time profession)

Don’t be falsely misled by people like Pardeep Goyal from Cashoverflow that there is a hidden gold treasure online, waiting for you to be unearthed and opened up, if you quit your job, go to Goa and Thailand for Vacation and start blogging like him.  If that’s the case, he would have taken the gold treasure first, before he tells you about its existence.

If you don’t believe me.  Let’s dissect CashOverflow Pardeep Goyal’s 2018 annual reportYou can go to his website and read the full income report.

Source of Income Cash Over Flow - Make Money Online in India - Earn money online in india without investment

He claims he has made, Rs, 30,70,000 from affiliate marketing income alone in the last year.

His top sources of affiliate marketing income comes from credit card affiliate marketing, and Amazon Products Affiliate Marketing.

He says he made roughly Rs.1.5 Lakhs from Credit Card Affiliate Marketing Revenue.  And Rs.8000 from Amazon Affiliate Marketing Revenue.

If you subtract, 1.5 Lakhs and Rs.8000 from the Rs.30 Lakhs of Affiliate Marketing Income, then he has made roughly Rs, 28.5 Lakhs of money from other sources of Affiliate Marketing Income that he has not disclosed openly in his annual report ( why? Because he doesn’t want you to know that you are being fooled and trapped into his big scheme of “learn to make money online by blogging”).

What is that source of affiliate income?  Even I was puzzled and intrigued to find more about it from his annual report.  I got only very little clues.  With those clues, I signed up for the SiteGround Affiliate Program as a publisher.  And that’s where the answer lies.

Do you want to know, from which affiliate marketing source he made the bulk of Rs.28 Lakhs last year ?

To answer this question, we need to do some web traffic analytics of cashoverflow dot in.

We see that apart from credit card, the only other popular keyword for which his website gets the organic Google Search Result hit is “make money online in india” and “earn money online in India”.

Alexa Website Traffic Analytics - Make Money Online in India - Earn Money Online in India without investments

Moreover, just a month ago, I used to see in SimilarWeb dot com that the top destination for his website was “ICICI Campaigns” followed by “SiteGround.com”, each representing a major share of his outgoing traffic.  But SimilarWeb has stopped displaying this information for free recently. You can verify this if you have a paid account with SimilarWeb dot com or other website traffic tracking websites.

If one Lakh people visits Pardeep Goyal’s website every month and say 5% of those go to SiteGround dot com, imagine the amount of money he makes from SiteGround dot com alone by brainwashing those 1 lakh people.  I don’t understand how these many people every month can start a blog, find money making keywords in Google Search and rank in the top 5 positions of these keyword search results.  This math doesn’t tally at all.

So bottom line, Pardeep made bulk of his annual income (around 25 to 28 Lakhs) from SiteGround dot com.  

Whose money is it? It is your money. He made money online from poor innocent guys like you who searched in Google on “How to make money online in India” and clicked his website that ranks first in the Google Search Result, visited his online blog and registered your email to receive his “Free 7 day Blogging Course“, without knowing that he has laid this trap for you to come visit his blog and “make money online” from you.  Isn’t this very interesting?  He’s definitely smart like every other online gurus out there in the internet (like FastRupee dot com or BloggerTipsTricks dot com’s Angit Singla) who claim to teach you how to make money online for free.

The only difference is that Pardeep Goyal literally forces you to buy “Grow Big Plan” from SiteGround and that too convinces you to pay the SiteGround subscription fees for the 3 years upfront.  You don’t have to blindly trust my words.  Here is the copy of his “7 day blogging course” where in he literally forces his blog followers to go buy the “GrowBig” plan from SiteGround for next 3 years ( in the disguise of you getting some discounts.  There is no 60% discount if you use his link. You see the same price in SiteGround dot com, irrespective of whether you go via his 60% discount link or your go directly to the website. He’s misleading you by providing you with misleading information. ).


7 Day Free Blogging Course Email Pardeep Goyal - Make money online in india


SiteGround Receipt - Make Money Online in India - Earn Money Online In India


Free Ebook For Site Ground Receipt - Earn Money Online in India - Make money online in india without investments


Does it makes sense for a new blogger to buy a “Grow Big Plan that supports 25,000 visitors a month” when you’ll hardly get any traffic in the first year or so of your blogging career.  Moreover, what is the guarantee that the new blogger will continue to blog for next 3 years, if he doesn’t see any result in the first 6 months or so? Why on earth would somebody try hard to sell such a costly product to novice bloggers, without any selfish motives behind it?


SiteGround 60% discount - Earn Money Online in India


Again, as I said earlier, blogging online to make money online is a trick being played on innocent people like you.  You’ll make some money but not as much as these gurus claim they make annually, unless you also play the same trick on others.

But still, there is this one unanswered question within you and I understand that big question within you:

Are there any genuine and honest ways for a common man to earn money online in India?  The answer is yes.

I have written the below article for people like you.  Read further to know more.  You don’t have to click anything or buy anything.  I’ll not ask you to subscribe to my email list by giving you a free ebook on “10 Secrets to make money online.”  So continue reading without any hesitation or commitment of any sort.


How to earn money online in India (Honest and Genuine ways)

I will explain you the exact strategy I followed to earn money online in India without investment using honest and genuine ways.  To be honest, it took me nearly 3 to 4  months to learn how to write blog articles using Google keyword research tool, content marketing, and setting up a WordPress website. I earned zero money during the learning period.

During the 3 to 4 month learning period, I read and followed the blogs of many successful online bloggers who made some decent money online and some who made truckloads of money online.

It involves a lot of hardwork, patience and trying new strategies. I worked almost 14 – 16 hours a day, sometimes even sundays.

I played multiple roles in running my online business: as a content creator, marketer, and sales man.

I worked long hours because I enjoyed doing it. It was more like starting my own business.

I learnt 3 things in this process:

  • There is no shortcut to make money online or anywhere in the world.
  • You cannot be successful in the long run, if you are not honest with your work.
  • Hardwork and patience is the key.

If you are here, by mistake, to learn about a quick and easy way to earn money online, then please stop reading any further.

You’ll be wasting your time.

What I’ll not teach you:

  • I’m not going to suggest you an online data entry job. And please don’t fall for such scams asking you to pay some money to get you an online job.
  • The ideas I’ll share with you need almost no investments.  All you need is a laptop, internet and some basic knowledge.
  • My tips will not make you rich overnight and moreover, it needs hardwork, persistence, and patience.

The online market is so big that everybody has an opportunity to make money online.  How you succeed depends on your hardwork and smartness.

Now that the stage has been set correctly for the right audience with the right mindset, I’ll share the 10 practical and honest ways to make money online in India.


10 Practical and Genuine Ways To Earn Money Online in India

#1. Become a Freelancer:

Freelance Programmer - Best way to earn money online in India

There are so many freelancing websites in the internet.
If you are a programmer, writer, web designer, photo editor or marketer you can make decent money online.

You need to have strong skills in one particular field to become successful as a freelancer.

For example, a friend of mine and I registered at freelancer.com and made $20 to $100 on small jobs such as write a simple shell script, debugging and making a piece of software to work, installing a software and configuring it.

You need to have a profession looking website, showcasing your skills and past projects, to new freelancing projects from potential clients.

You can create your own website in 5 minutes.  You don’t need to have any website development skills.  Make your own website for free using WordPress.

If you are a designer who can design company logo, business cards, package design, e-book cover design, t-shirt designs or design a website(not build it) etc then explore 99design

If you are a good writer, and have a good domain knowledge, then visit freelancewritinggigs. You’ll be paid to write quality content for any domain.

Even try some small manual jobs at Amazon Mturk

Again, you’ll not make money immediately. You may even work for free initially and then slowly build your brand, experience and get paid.

#2 Become an Online Tutor :

Online Tutoring In YouTube - best way to make money online in India


If you are a domain expert or someone who has a sellable skill and you are willing to share your skill and knowledge for a fee, then you can become an online tutor.

Many Indians and Indian kids who live abroad, learn their mother tongue, music, dance and even cooking skills from online tutors in India through skype and facetime video call.

Now, even many Indians kids living in busy Indian cities have started taking online music, dance, maths and language classes because of the traffic and congestion in city roads in the evening.

For example, If you are good in a programming language you can even teach programming language or a software certification course such as Microsoft SQL DB Certification, Java Certification, Linux Administration Certification, Oracle Certification, CCNA Certification, online.

I teach courses in Udemy to international students across the world and here is my earnings report for a course that I published just a month ago.

Udemy Revenue Report Oct 2018 - How to make money online in India 2018


I also teach courses to students in India using Webex or GoToMeeting software.  I publish ads about my online course and drive traffic to my trainings website.

I use Intamojo account to receive payments from my online students.  Here is my online earnings report for the last month, received through Instamojo.


Instamojo Earnings Report - How to Earn Money Online In India


I personally prefer Instamojo over many other services because you can get your application approved just in a single day.  Moreover, Instamojo charges 2% as transaction fee while others like paypal charge 2.5% as transaction fee.

Get Rs.500 in cashback when you open your Instamojo account using this link.  I’ll also get a Rs. 500 in affiliate marketing fee, if you register using this link.  You win and I too win.

You don’t need a training center to conduct these trainings. You don’t have to pay any rent to anybody.

All you need is a Laptop, Internet and Skype or Webex or GoToMeeting or Google Hangout software installed on your laptop to share your power point presentation or screen with others.  You can do the training from the convenience of your home.

Here are the other online classrooms: teacheron.com, tutorme.com and vedantu.com where you can register yourself as an online tutor.


#3 Earn money through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter - Best ways to make money online in india

You may have watched many youtube videos but have you ever wondered why there are so many people sharing so many useful stuff on “How to do this” “How to do that?” on YouTube.

You’ll find videos in YouTube on “How to write software programs in python”, “How to replace your broken smartphone touchscreen”, “How to upgrade RAM in your laptop”, “How to make channa masala”, “How to replace your car engine oil.”

You’ll also see self-made entertainment videos by college students that even hit one million views – for example the “Jimikki Kammal” song’s dance video from some Kerala college students became so popular for no good reason.

Also Read: Ideas to make money online in YouTube

Many online tutors video record their math class lessons, science class lessons, language class lessons, programming language training videos, software training videos and post them in YouTube.

All these people who create and post “valuable” videos – either by sharing their knowledge to others or entertaining others, make good online income.

You may ask how do they make money? It’s through Google AdSense Ads.

This is what you could also do to earn money online through YouTube.

Create you own YouTuble channel. Start creating valuable video content using your sellable skills.
Next register for a Google Adsense account. Link your adsense account with your YouTube Channel.

You can promote your video through your facebook network, twitter, whatsapp groups.

When more people watch your video, the more ad revenue you’ll make.

#4 Start your own Blog to Earn Money Online

Blogging - How to make money online in India

Write a blog. Write on something useful, so that people will visit your website to read it.  There are many free blogging websites where you can blog.

I’m not asking you to blog your everyday experiences like people write their diaries. May be, if you are Virat Kohli or Anushka Sharma, people will love to read your blog to know what is happening between you.

Others don’t try this flawed strategy.

Instead, create blogs to write reviews on credit cards, amazon products, books, movies, cars, bikes, or your travel experiences, people would love reading them.  Write on something that people find it useful in their day-to-day life.

You can register for Google AdSense Ads and Amazon Affiliate Program start making money. You can even collaborate with various promoters in each industry to display banner ads in your website.

Here is my Amazon Affiliate Earning Report for the last month.

Amazon Affiliate Earnings Report Oct 2018 - How to make money online in India 2018


I know it is not a big money.  But still, a money earned online is a hard earned money,  by doing detailed research about the product, about the technology and writing honest reviews on products.  It takes time away from your family, and current job.  I mean to say, it is not an easy money.  You need to be smart to do it.  Again, this is not my primary source of income.  I’m doing this just for fun and learning experience.

I have used these products myself and I know the technical details on which one is the best and which one is not the best and why.

Again, Amazon does not charge my customers more money to pay me this fees.  The product price is still the same, whether they buy it directly from Amazon website or by clicking the Amazon affiliate link in my website.

Amazon pays me this fee from their marketing and sales budget, because I’m driving more traffic or customer to Amazon website and increasing their sales and revenue.

One thing that has always worked for me well is, honesty in my online business.   People are smart enough to know who to trust and who not to trust.  Building that trust with your customers is very important in the long run, in any business.

There are many free blogging websites like blogger.com and wordpress.com.  Where you can start blogging just right away without spending a single paisa.

Infact, I was blogging using these websites for 5 years before starting this website.  The lesson I learnt in the 5 years is that, Google search algorithm will not rank webpages from these websites.

I learnt the lessons the hard way.  I hope you don’t make the same mistakes.

If you want to blog just for fun, then you can do so using these free websites.

But, if you want to make money blogging, you need to get a domain name (not an affiliate marketing link) and a website of your own.

You can create a blog website, quite easily using free WordPress website template, themes and plugins.  Don’t buy any themes or plugins by paying your hard earned money.

Follow the step by step instructions in this blog if you want to start a blog website.


#5 Earn money writing content for others

Someone who has a good domain knowledge, and decent writing skills can write paid articles for other’s blogs or online magazines.

For example, the Wired magazine pays authors with authoritative knowledge in their technology area to contribute to their columns.

There are websites that pay you money based on the popularity of your article. So you make good money, if your article goes viral.

Websites like Medium.com, allow bloggers to write content and earn money.

Many successful blog owners run out of ideas over a period to time or they become busy with something else. So they hire writers from outside to contribute articles to keep their blog fresh and alive.


#6 Earn money from Affiliate Marketing:

Online Affiliate Marketing - Best Way to Earn Money Online In India

Affliate marketing is the best way( not the easiest way though) to make money online, if you can promote affliate products in your websites and blogs.
Google AdSense alone will not make you rich.  You need to try multiple avenues to make money online.

Many online bloggers promote products from Amazon and Flipkart to earn money online.

Google AdSense is the easiest way to make money because you get paid for impressions and clicks.
Affliate marketing is relatively hard to make money but the margins per sale is very high.

Google AdSense is ideal for those who cannot find any other ways to make money using their content.
Many highly successfuly bloggers and other content generators, use Google AdSense to make good revenue.

#7 Become an online merchant

Online Merchant - Best Way to Earn Money Online In India

This is the best of all. I was surprised to learn the amount of money that these online sellers make during the festival season in India.

Many small-budget online merchants don’t sell costly items such as smartphones, or laptops, instead they sell phone accessories, power banks, charging cables, phone covers, phone screen protector, books, laptop bags, laptop chargers, shoes, garments, household items.

Register with Amazon Marketplace, Flipkart, SnapDeal or eBay to become an online seller.

You can run the business from your home itself. You don’t need a shop or an office space.

Here is a personal story

I recently posted my five year old dead DELL laptop for sale online in OLX for around Rs.3000, just for its parts.

I got 20 different calls.  5 were from real buyers, 10 were from “used laptop” resellers, and 5 were from laptop service technicians offering to fix my laptop.
I finally agreed to sell to one of the resellers because he gave the best offer to buy my dead laptop.

When I enquired him about how he’s making money, he says there is a huge market for used laptops.
Especially many college students look for cheap laptops within the 5000 – 7000 range.

He said, he can easily replace or fix the motherboard using components from other dead laptops he already has and sell it again in OLX for Rs.2000 or 3000 more.
Moreover, this was his part-time job. He works as a full-time insurance agent in a bank.

There is no limit on what you can sell online in India today. You just need to come up with new ideas.

#8 Start your own classifieds website

You know that the sunday newspapers come with “Classifieds” column with lot of ads on jobs, properties, car buy/sell etc.

A friend of mine started two classifieds websites – one real-estate website and one online job posting website.
He targetted his website traffic for only a particular city audience.

He makes very good sum from online ads and real-estate brokerage commission evey month.

Here is the full story:

All he did was, he download freely available website templates for real-estate promotion and online job postings.

He registered a domain name from godaddy and hosted it on some hosting sites for just $5 a month.

Initially he copy/pasted classified ads from local newspapers and from other online websites into his website.

He did this diligently for 6 months. He didn’t have much traffic initially. He didn’t give up. He promoted his site using facebook and google ads.

After 6 months, he slowly started seeing increase in website traffic everyday.

More importantly, after 6 months, many hiring companies automatically started adding job postings to his job portal.  And the real-estate promoters posted their real-estate ads to his website.

He makes good money in Google Ads and real-estate commissions.

Now all he does is market his website to a larger audience.


#9 Write a mobile phone app or video games

Mobile Phone Apps - How to Earn Money Online In India

You can write a small useful mobile app or video games and sell it in Google Play Store.

I see many useful IRCTC railway apps, photo editing apps, video editing apps, personal expense tracking apps, apps for sharing expenses between friends and colleagues etc.

The strategy many people use is: first they promote the app or the video game by giving it for free.

They market their app through word of mouth, facebook, whatsapp and other means.

Once people start liking it and write great reviews about the app or the video game, they’ll start charging a very small fee.

Periodically they promote the app by giving discounts and offers like refer your friend to get a free upgrade etc.

I see so many apps in play store for less than $5.

#10 Write e-books and sell them in Amazon e-bookstore.

Ebook on Kindle - How to Make Money Online In India

Write e-books on programming languages, management tips, self-development, traditional health tips, cooking receipes, investments, latest technology etc.

Many people today have Amazon Kindle, Tablets, or Smartphone to read e-books.
Worldwide there is a hug market for e-books, compared to paper books.

You can sell your e-books in Amazon, Google Play Store, Apple iBooks Store.

They charge you only when your e-book gets sold. They’ll charge a minimum percentage of your sales as their fees. There is no fee to submit your e-books in the online books store.


Time for some real actions!

There are so many ideas to make money online in India.  Imagination is the only limit.

I have shared with you few practical, genuine and honest ways to earn money online in India, without quitting your current job.

You can keep on reading articles like this.

But nothing will happen until “YOU” take some real actions.

All you have to do is begin somewhere. Pick one or two ideas from the above that interests you, and start working on it.

Begin your journey by learning to make your own website.  Use your online website to drive more traffic to your offline business or better server your customers online.  This is the secret behind many successful people who earn “real and honest” money in India.

Anything you do newly, initially you’ll fail. But don’t give up. Change your strategy. Try something new every time.

Highly successful people are those who continued with their mission despite facing many failures in their lives.

I learnt one thing from reading many books related to making money:

“If you focus on yourselves or the money, you’ll fail big in any business.
Instead, if you focus on how you can serve your customers better, you’ll succeed.”

Hope this article gives you some practical guidance on how to make money online.

If you are aware of any other genuine ways to make money online, share it in the comments below for the benefit of everyone.

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